SRK is a preeminent end user & world fastest emerging e-commerce marketplace to buy and sell gently used technology including RFID, POS, GPS system development online. Our Safety, integrity, and the foremost customer service make SRK better.


SRK provides unique products with cost-effective solutions, standard service and complete gratification to customers by continuous variations and R & D, focusing on absolute end user needs and establishing strategic partnerships with solution providers. To ensure progress, the company follows a customer needs and customer satisfaction work technique.

What we really do?

Through our localized and international network of users and buyers across the country, we make sure you are able to trade your gadgets rapidly and get the best customer experience.

Deal Directly

On SRK, you buy and sell directly with shoppers with the best prices.

No Clutter

To keep our ecommerce platform safe and superior, we don’t allow broken items.

Exceptional Customer Support

SRK provides an exceptional support service to its users. Our agents keep an eye on each and every thing to ensure listings meet our strict standard norms. Along with that we also provide 24*7 customer service facility

Guaranteed and Secure Trouble-Free Experience

We make sure that you get your product without any trouble. Along with that you get excellent support and service.

Support 24/7
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Fastest Delivery
Customer Care